Trancelucid Horizon Mix

Now for something completely different… This mix is MUCH harder than I usually
produce, but I was so in the mood for it!

Warning: Do NOT listen to this when you’re on drugs!

To download, click the link below

Trancelucid Horizon Mix

01. Right Here Right Now (Animalis Remix) – Fatboy Slim
02. Ah Oom Ba Ba – Nissimyani
03. Addicted to Drugs – Total Sickness Vs Tracka
04. Ice Breaker – Platform
05. Trancelucid Horizon – Blue Vortex
06. The Return Of The Travellers – The Muses Rapt
07. You Don’t Need a Drug – Ovnimoon vs Wavelogix
08. Nord Time – Big Noise
09. Back To Earth – Narcophone
10. Children Of The Earth – Ultravoice
11. LSD – Hallucinogen
12. Barbequed Mind – Radiation