Eyes Wide Open Mix

Here’s one I’ve been wanting to do for a while now…

This ones for Josh and Fritz

Always remember kids, Upright at all times and, Eyes Wide Open!

To download, click the link below

Eyes Wide Open Mix

01. Future Shock – Dejavoo
02. Energy (Original Mix) – Visua
03. Deception (Symphonix Remix) – Manuel Duego
04. Get High – Burn In Noise
05. Frequency Salad (Original Mix) – Burn In Noise
06. Womanizer (Quantize Remix) – Earsugar
07. Escelator (Original Mix) – Sense
08. Choice (Original Mix) – Liquid Soul
09. Ancient Knowledge – Burn In Noise
10. Attention (Original Mix) – Tikal
11. Dirty One (Original Mix) – Giorgio Sainz Pres Ian Kane & Funkerocca
12. Everything You Need (Tragic Rave Mix) – Vision Four 5

Creepy doll